Fridge Incontinence

Our fridge runs on 240 volt power, 12 volt from the car or bottled gas depending on what is available. Which means that while we’re driving along it is charged by the car. Once we stop for the day we change it to gas or 240 volt (more modern vans determine their power source automatically, I can only wish). But there is an added complication that arises when the weather is warm…the drip tray that is often frozen thaws and dribbles out the door onto the floor! For the life of me I cannot work out a solution, so I spoke to a friend. Thankfully she had the same problem (which made me feel better) and Googled a solution. Hey, there’s a whole world of people out there with this problem and we now know that putting a fan in the fridge doesn’t help either.

drip tray
The culprit

6 thoughts on “Fridge Incontinence

  1. How did we ever fix things before google?! Haha.
    On the boat, we have a hole that takes it to the bilge, which is really handy (but clearly not a solution for caravans). But is there a way you could design a little catcher. Like the ones under BBQ oil drip trays???


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