When Things Go Wrong – Just Cook!

  • We arrived at Nullarbor Roadhouse in the afternoon, it was 40 degrees or thereabouts, there was phone reception (at last) and our friend learnt that her house 2000kms behind us, had been robbed.

We cooked while we formulated a plan.

  • Up in tropical north Queensland our mate’s van door locked jamming wife Elle inside for three hours.

We cooked and a curry was ready by the time that Elle was freed by the locksmith.

  • And then this little doosie from Central Queensland in 2016:

“Because of the big wet we decide to forgo our trip up to Finch Hatton in the ranges and our next stop in the Byfield National Park and head straight down to Rockhampton. We get 30kms down the road and the oil light flashes briefly. Our oil levels are ok so we hold our breath and continue. All the creeks are rushing. At Marlborough where the highway had been cut, the paddocks are still underwater. We stop for a pie at the general store, wipe our feet on the hessian bag on the way in and the lady tells us what she thinks of the weather!

Back on the road and the oil light starts flashing, constantly. The highway is pock marked with pot holes caused by the rain. The Rockhampton area has had nearly 500 millimetres of rain, that’s almost Melbourne’s annual rainfall. We try to avoid the pot holes but the van must have copped a couple. We stop at a rest area to check the oil and notice that the van door is wide open! Thank God the ukulele is safe. Door locked again and oil light beeping and flashing we continue again. I ring every van park in Rockhampton then start on Yeppoon using the Wikicamps app to work in concentric circles. We finally get a park about 15kms south of Yeppoon at Mulambin. It looks like all of the free campers in the region have headed in to caravan parks to dry out. We book a 4WD service centre for tomorrow and breathe a sigh of relief that we’ve arrived and have decent accommodation. In fact, it is really nice, the Capricorn Palms Big 4.

I jump into the van and instantly know something is wrong, the table has fallen out of the wall and is in a heap on the floor. What a day.

I ask reception for a handyman and find that there is a caravan serviceman on the way as there are many people with problems of which ours seems minor. He arrives cursing bad workmanship and at first suggests that we just go without a table! “It is shit!” He says. He waves his hands around at the vans parked nearby, “See that, it is shit, Galaxy, out of business, shit caravans, that Atlantic one, shit, I know I used to build caravans for Sunland, they’re quality, if I make mistake, the boss he throw it out, he no want shit.” We’re having trouble trying to contain ourselves because mates of ours are Sunland distributors. They’ll be so glad to know that they no have shit.

Eventually Woody convinces him to fix the table as best he can just to get us home. I whisper “Should we ask him about the door?” “No” says Woody firmly.

I’m sick of tripping over the pumpkin that has been living on the bathroom floor, so we throw a rack of lamb in the oven and sit back to enjoy a roast. Woody pours a well deserved red wine then knocks the glass all over the settee turning it a lovely shade of pink.

Now you could say that it was an interesting day.

The positives:

The rain has stopped

The roads are passable and road crews are repairing the pot holes

The door seems to be behaving now

The caravan park is a beauty and in an interesting area

The car is booked in for repair

We’ve decided to reupholster the settee, which puts an end to an ongoing discussion.

The roast is delicious especially the pumpkin.”20150316-DSC_0186


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