The Case For Flying Home

Sometimes we are needed at home. A special family birthday, a wedding or a birth. The best way to solve this dilemma is to grab a cheap flight home and do what has to be done. Remembering of course to pack the things that you may need, silly things like a hairdryer or your favourite pillow that you can’t sleep without. And medication…don’t forget your medication, you won’t be any use to anyone if you arrive dead.

Afterwards when obligations have been fulfilled you’ll find yourself wondering what the hell happened “was I really home last weekend? Sleeping in our own bed?”

I doubt that your head will ever actually come to terms with the fact that it took two months to get here and only two hours to get home.20170708-DSC_0001

2 thoughts on “The Case For Flying Home

  1. I agree. Slow (it’s all relative…) travel gives you time to adapt to the changing landscapes and rhythms of different communities. When you step off a plane, the whole world may seem different. It’s discombobulating.


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