Looking for long lost relatives? Sometimes they’re closer than you think.

We joined a local caravan club and discovered that we were distantly related to one of the members. We’ve travelled many thousands of kilometres with one mate from our club and this year we camped with her at beautiful Nambucca Heads. Being a relaxing holiday whenever our friend had a chance she poured over Ancestry.Com in search of her Mother’s family. Her Mother had never told her children that she had been fostered thus it had been something of a shock for them to find out only recently that the family they believed were theirs were not blood relations.

Needless to say during our holiday she unearthed a living relative at nearby Sawtell and they were able to spend a day going over their family stories. But the greatest surprise of all was when we realised over a Happy Hour drink that one of her ancestors had married into a family that my husband’s ancestors were so enamoured with that they merged with that family not once but twice. All I can say is they must have been hot stuff.

Ballina Cemetery, NSW

6 thoughts on “Looking for long lost relatives? Sometimes they’re closer than you think.

  1. Wonderful, it really is a much smaller world than we think and the circle keeps on closing. When I researched my families, I was struck by the fact that the younger generation has somehow ended up living in the same part of the country as my ancestors a couple of centuries ago, not once but twice, seemingly following their footsteps from one county to another. It’s a fascinating hobby.


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