Night Noises

Traffic and trucks, planes and freight trains, surf pounding, rivers gurgling, waterfalls roaring, the blood curdling scream of curlews at midnight, cattle mooing, frogs croaking, bats chattering, crickets chirping, Mopokes ‘more pork more pork’ and owls hooting. Kangaroos hopping past (their tail marks in the sand next morning), wind howling, rain pelting on the roof, untimely roosters crowing far too early and the welcome screech of cockatoos at dawn on a hot summer’s morning. The sounds of the bush.

Murray Falls, Qld

8 thoughts on “Night Noises

  1. Very relatable – especially those middle of the night roosters. We were at Mount Elizabeth station on the Gibb River Road earlier this year, and two roosters from opposite sides of the camp ground started up about 3.30am each day. I think they ended up with a price on their heads.


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