The War Memorials of Albany

Albany is a perfectly situated city on WA’s south coast. Because it was the port of embarkation for the Australian and New Zealand World War One soldiers it is home to the National ANZAC Centre and a host of war memorabilia situated on the granite outcrops of Mt Clarence and Mt Adelaide.

The Desert Mounted Corps memorial is nothing short of magnificent and is a replica of the statue commissioned in Port Said by the Anzac troops in honour of their fallen. Sadly, the original was destroyed in 1956 during the fighting in the Suez. I’m sure that in time Albany will become a place of pilgrimage for Australians and New Zealanders as for so many of our ancestors this was their last ‘home’ port.

Footnote: Some 60,000 (Australian War Memorial) Australians and 16,697 (Wikipedia) New Zealanders died in World War One.

Desert Corps
Desert Mounted Corps Memorial, Albany
Albany satellite image
Albany (Google Satellite Image)

4 thoughts on “The War Memorials of Albany

  1. An absolute highlight of our time in Albany. We visited the mountain top memorials a number of times and also loved the new Anzac Centre. Along with the HMAS Sydney Memorial in Geraldton, these are our favourite memorials to our war fallen.

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