Our Mate’s New Van

Have I mentioned our mate’s new van? Well it has club lounge style seating which has quite a bit of storage room underneath, but the cushions are a bit difficult to lift. To make for easier access to the storage our mate’s missus asked the manufacturer to put in two cupboard doors on the ends. “They’re lovely cupboards” says our mate “but I can’t even get my undies in.” Behind one door are the batteries and behind the other is the gas heater. Whoops. Not to mention our mate being somewhat pooped when we arrive from shimmying under the van fiddling with the gas bayonet. The slide out BBQ gas connection is located about two feet in, under the van. Which is “Too bad if you’re travelling and want bacon & eggs for brekkie, a burger for lunch and a BBQ for tea” says our mate, somewhat dejectedly. That’s an awful lot of shimmying, connecting and disconnecting.

Dawn on Lake Nagambie, Vic

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