The Warrumbungles

Coonabarabran Map

We’re becoming zig zaggers. We want to cross from Coonabarabran to Gulargambone and rather than travel south on the Newell Highway to Gilgandra then north again up the Castlereagh to Gulargambone we choose the road through the Warrumbungles National Park. The information centre suggests that the road is ok when it isn’t wet, this is the road that thwarted our plans last year (2016) when it was closed due to heavy rains. There is rain threatening now but we decide to risk it as it is shorter, quieter and much more interesting than taking the highways.

Heading into the Warrumbungles

We wind through rolling farmland before glimpsing the Siding Springs observatory on a hilltop. Soon strange ‘bungles’ surround us. Bushfires went through here four years ago and dead trees give a haunting appearance. Signs warn us not to stop because of imminent rockfalls. The sky ahead is ominous. Around a bend and high orange rock faces are dotted with caves but the road itself is good. A narrow rock strewn creek skirts small cleared campgrounds.

Siding Springs Observatory
Evidence of bushfires
Caves dot the rock faces


Not a bad road at all

Once we leave the park we have 7 kms of unmade road with light corrugation. The countryside has changed dramatically to dry hungry looking sheep paddocks. Corrugated iron galahs signal sleepy Gulargambone dead ahead and as we pull the awning out the heavens open. Thank goodness the park has a warm camp kitchen.

Footnote: This is a short drive that we’d highly recommend. If the weather had been warmer we’d have certainly stayed in one of the campgrounds as they looked inviting and worthy of exploration.


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