Winter 2017, Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Qld

While staying nearby we drive to Imbil, the town with the desirable dump point (as there isn’t one where we are camped at Kandanga). On delightful Yabba Creek, Imbil is marginally larger than Kandanga. Pretty shade trees, a divided Main Street, a grand old wooden pub and a large Showgrounds big enough for a herd of campers. There is a Sunday market in progress and a handful of stalls sell fruit and veggies, plants and intriguingly one selling homemade ponchos from woollen blankets, I think they’re recycled as I haven’t seen blankets in those patterns in decades. Of course the thing that catches my eye is the public toilet which is emblazoned with a stunning photograph.

Imbil is one of many charming towns to base yourself when exploring the hinterland.

Imbil, Qld
Railway Hotel, Imbil
Yabba Creek, Imbil
What an inviting toilet block

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