Yamba Lighthouse

Near the mouth of the busy Clarence River in New South Wales stands the Yamba lighthouse. Modern, concrete and built in 1955 it replaces one of a more traditional design. And why you may ask is the Clarence River busy? Well it’s the home of a large prawning fleet. Think Yamba, think the salty succulence of fresh prawns.

Yamba Lighthouse at sunrise
Prawn trawler returning to Yamba at sunrise
Prawn trawler moored in the Clarence River

5 thoughts on “Yamba Lighthouse

  1. Yes, the Northern rivets of NSW is our favourite place on the East Coast. We are at Suffolk Park atm, and drive in to Ballina today, specially to buy some local prawns. Prawn salad for dinner tonight!


  2. Oooh, we do love a lighthouse and it is FAB to see an Antipodean one!

    We were married on the rocks outside a Scottish lighthouse but besides that, we find that like castles, lighthouses are a great landmark for trip planning – so often, they are in such beautiful places!


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