Weights and Measures

March 2015

Imelda Marcos
This man can never have enough shoes

There’s so much discussion about van weights and towing capacities these days. I feel that we are somewhat overloaded as we set out for Perth but what with the Jeep’s 3½ tonne towing capacity it isn’t a problem except of course for the cost of fuel. Woody has packed more shoes than Imelda Marcos. Now I know that the reason for this trip is Jordy and Megsy’s wedding in Margaret River and Woody doesn’t want to arrive looking like ‘trailer trash’, but I’m sure Megsy will be the centre of attention, not Woody’s shoes.


8 thoughts on “Weights and Measures

  1. Our Jeep doesn’t have that towing capacity and we only tow a camper-trailer but after a few mechanical problems we’ve lost confidence in it. Tomorrow we pick up a Toyota though with the hot weather on the way it will be a few months before we get away on a jaunt..


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