Melbourne’s Bathing Boxes

Melbourne has been fortunate to keep a tradition from the bygone Victorian era. Lines of brightly painted bathing boxes or boat sheds are a common sight particularly on the more populous eastern shores of Port Phillip Bay. The general rule is that one must be a local ratepayer to purchase a box and councils insist on regular upkeep. But prices can be steep, some being worth more than a basic home. In essence, the bathing box is just a storage facility for beach essentials with no running water and definitely not for sleeping in but who in their right mind would dob in any family for over relaxing and just plain forgetting to go home when the mercury isn’t going to drop below 30˚ over night?

Mills Beach
Mornington Bathing Box

10 thoughts on “Melbourne’s Bathing Boxes

  1. What a lovely thing, these well-kept, brightly painted bathing boxes. I’ve not seen them before. In the U.S. car trunks, pickup beds, and the back compartment of vans are the only bathing boxes I’ve seen.


  2. Melbourne’s bathing boxes are national treasures. I love all the beaches down the Peninsular with those beautiful, colourful boxes. And I’m a little bit jealous of those who own one!


  3. Absolutely gorgeous. I’ve never seen them, so I’m going to put it on my priority list for a looksie next time I’m in Victoria. Very iconic of beaches, and there should be more of them.


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