One Hump or Two?

In our wanderings about the countryside ducking and weaving to avoid kangaroos, emus and feral pigs we have often complained that we are yet to see a camel in the wild. We know that they’re out there, thousands of ’em. Descendants of camel trains that worked the outback now roaming freely in the whoop whoop (desert/bush/mulga or scrub whatever you prefer to call our less populated inland).

Imagine our surprise to find a herd of very civilised and inquisitive milking camels in the dairying district of Kyabram in Victoria. And if we were surprised imagine how the cows must feel?

The inquisitive girls at Camel Milk Co Australia, Kyabram

13 thoughts on “One Hump or Two?

  1. Great post! Camel milk is delicious. In Harrisville, outside Brisbane, there is the largest camel milk dairy in Australia. Camels are much better suited to our climate than European farm animals but they do make great companions for dairy cows. Also, the myth says camels spit. They do not, however alpacas do!


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