Jet the Truffle Dog

Spring 2014

Our friends are growing truffles in the NSW Southern Highlands and are yet to harvest their first crop. They have been told by the experts that truffles can only be found by strictly trained truffle dogs. These are hard living working dogs, not pampered house pets and must be treated as such. Yet a neighbour in the next valley has produced Australia’s second largest truffle and it was unearthed by their fat overfed blue heeler Jet. Jet the truffle dog. Good dog Jet.

Post and Rail fence, Berrima, Southern Highlands, NSW


3 thoughts on “Jet the Truffle Dog

  1. Well done Jet! I wish we could train our four to find truffles…

    We have only eaten truffles once. We stayed in a B&B in Barolo, Italy. The son of the house had been out all night with his (well trained) truffle hound. He came in looking very tired with half a palm full of truffles for his night out.

    The Italian-speaking grandma asked us if we had ever had truffles with our eggs. She was INCREDULOUS when we said “no” – and promptly served up most of her grandson’s nights work grated over our breakfast.

    Just one of the wonderful examples that we have experienced of the extraordinary generosity of the Italian people!


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