Don’t Follow Us We’re Lost

Aug 2013 Queensland

  1. About three quarters of the way from Hervey bay to Tin Can Bay Gabbi Garmin suddenly announces our arrival at Tin Can Bay, which is interesting because we’re in the middle of a huge pine plantation and there is no ocean in sight. We turn off her life support then shock her back to reality and soon she’s back on track again and talking with her mate the satellite. Funny how these devices never say “sorry”.
  2. Same trip but this time we are in the new suburb of Warner in Brisbane trying to find a friend’s house. Gabbi loses it altogether and asks us to drive through someone’s back fence, time and again as we pass the same spot. Eventually we grab the phone and Google maps gets us out of yet another pickle. On arrival our hosts laughingly declare that it is indeed in a GPS black spot, geez they could have warned us!
Tin Can Bay at least we got there

4 thoughts on “Don’t Follow Us We’re Lost

  1. We have to tell delivery drivers to put No 2 into their GPS rather than No 5 or they’ll “arrive at their destination” on the wrong side of a wooded gully. The cyborgs never do apologize but they have infinite patience. 🙂

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  2. We once chucked Sally SatNav in the glove compartment in our disgust at her treatment of us, and forgot all about her. Suddenly, two days later, we heard this plaintive voice issuing from the bowels of the car: ‘Turn around when possible’. She was wrong, of course.

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