Getting To Know a New Caravan

Jan 2014 Daylesford, Vic

As we pack up our camp after our first night in our new van we realise that the car has a puncture. It looks like a rock has pierced the tyre wall. It’s a case of unhitching the van, jacking up the car, changing the tyre, then hitching the van up again. Once the spare wheel is on we nick into Daylesford and do a quick U turn into the tyre repairers. There is a heck of a metallic noise and we discover that we have popped one of our load levellers onto the roadway. Five kilos of hardened steel. Whoops our turning circle isn’t as tight with this longer rig. A passing pedestrian has also had the shock of her life. While the tyre is being assessed we have an excellent coffee at local legend Frangos & Frangos. It is a cold morning with an icy wind. Is this really January? The tyre isn’t salvageable so we have to drive down to Ballarat to have two new ones fitted. The guys at Beaurepaires are fast and before we can scratch ourselves we’re back on the road and heading to the wine region of Avoca and another adventure.

The multi function horse and dog trough, water feature and streetlight in Daylesford, Vic

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