Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Winter 2017

Camped at Lake MacDonald, nearby Cooroy beckons. Well maintained old timber shops, trees and gardens. There is a large grassed area for RV parking (it’s nice to know that some councils realise how difficult it is to park a longer rig in a town centre). This is a coffee drinking town and we count four very busy cafes with patrons sitting on the footpath in the sun. Woody spots a hairdresser down a back lane and we both dart in for a quick trim. He gets the younger Sheila who seems to think that caravanning would be boring, what with nothing to do all day. The older and wiser owner stifles a yearning giggle. The town library has a garden on its roof and there are remnants of a recent tomato crop. The town clock sits upon a corrugated iron water tank structure in the middle of a roundabout. Cooroy has to be the Sunshine Coast’s best kept secret.

Cooroy, Qld
Cooroy rooftop gardens
Cooroy, Qld

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