Running on empty 2

It’s a cool autumn morning and we have a dream run east from Kimba across to Port Augusta except for the fact that Woody said that he would fuel up in Iron Knob and guess what? There are no servos in Iron Knob, so once more we crawl along the Eyre Highway checking the DTE (Distance to Empty) versus Garmin and Google maps. With little more outside the car than saltbush to say that it’s nail biting is an understatement. To happen twice on one trip is ridiculous.

A servo out here? You’ve got to be joking!

9 thoughts on “Running on empty 2

  1. We’ve been caught out too almost running on empty when we had an unexpected diversion from a highway when an accident happened. We are learning to fuel up where you can because you never know what’s ahead.

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  2. If you are like me, Woody’s skating on thin ice…… so often Paul decides to leave the fuel fill up to the next stop only to encounter the unexpected. He’s under threat if it happens again…


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