Locks Well

Situated on the western coast of the Eyre Peninsula, Locks Well is two kilometres down a good bitumen road. There is a large paved parking bay for motorhomes and caravans with a breathtaking view of the Southern Ocean. The road winds steeply down below us to another car park which can be used for smaller rigs, camper trailers and whizz bangs. The viewing platform gives a fabulous view of the beach and it is easy to see the dangerous rips with Polaroid sunglasses. I count at least a dozen signs warning against swimming here, which is no surprise. It is a further 250 steps down to the beach where guys are Salmon fishing in the sea spray. The high cliffs are pocked with caverns and small holes used as nests by birds. Tough tiny succulents bloom on the cliffs. The walk back up to our camp near does me in as it is actually hotter than we realise and a steep walk.

Locks Well clifftop camping area
Salmon fishing, Locks Well
Nooks and crannies of the cliff face

The guys shuck oysters and as we sit in the shade of the awning a small kite perched on a nearby pile of branches is ever alert for an evening meal. Woody cooks a Thai Green Curry of Chicken with Rice and we eat outside without being bothered by insects.

A small kite, hunting

The sun sets illuminating distant Flinders Island and providing enough twilight until 9:00pm when the stars begin to put on their show. Maybe it’s one of those days where the planets align but words cannot do this place justice.

One of those perfect places. Locks Well, SA
Sunset over the Great Australian Bight. Better than watching TV.

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