Shattering the peace

Billabourie in central NSW, is more of a farmstay than a caravan park. It is 10 kms down a good gravel road and on the way in we spot a fox feasting on roadkill. The camp is set in amongst tall red gums beside the Lachlan River and utterly peaceful. At present the area is gripped in drought. Two years ago I would have described it as ‘green’ now the overwhelming colour is ‘grey’ but that’s how things are in this country, feast or famine.

Once more we enjoy the sun and watch a mother wallaby and her little Joey drinking in the river. Then without warning our neighbour brings out his guitar ….and an amplifier and plays for 3 bloody hours! Peace shattered.

Billabourie, NSW
Wallaby and joey at dusk
Mother wallaby drinking at the Lachlan River

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