The Etiquette of Caravanning

A friend of ours may laugh at this because she calls us ‘trailer trash’ but there are rules and niceties to be observed if we’re all going to live harmoniously on the road.

  • Say g’day. If someone walks past acknowledge them. Say “g’day, nice day, how are you, good morning”, anything to break the ice. You never know you may become great mates or need to help each other one day.
  • Respect each other’s space. Campsites aren’t as big as backyards so don’t encroach on your neighbour. Our friends recently paid top dollar for their favourite beachfront site only to come home and find that a camper trailer had parked in front of their sunset view and they had set up their chairs directly behind our friend’s van. My friend chose not to warn them about the midges.
  • If you’re travelling with friends and have a rest day, let them rest. Keep out of their faces. If they want to lay around and sleep then so be it. Nothing sours a friendship quicker than not having enough personal space.
  • Be aware of where you make your campfire. You might like the smell of wood smoke but your neighbours could be asthmatic.
  • Running your generator close to other campers or when people are trying to sleep is a ‘No No’, even if you are trying to achieve the perfect hairdo with your blow dryer. Remember other campers come here for the solitude not your domestic noises.
  • Camping is for all budgets and tastes so Happy Hour wine should only be shared among the group that you are travelling with. Keep the good stuff at home for winter nights by the fire. That bloke across the campfire that you’re trying to impress with your $50 bottle may be one of the world’s leading vignerons. We were recently happily quaffing a $5 bubbly by the fire oblivious to the fact that the folks that we were chatting to grow the grapes for Australia’s best Chardonnay. Remember there’s a lot of anonymity in caravanning.

    55125300771__7A7B8AEE-6F6F-4C13-8715-4170186BB638 (1)
    Hey! We paid for that spot! Image courtesy: Elle Prado

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