Ingenia Cairns Coconut Resort is in every way a family holiday destination with even more cabins than the 200+ van sites. It is huge and busy with kids pedalling about. If not for the help of our neighbour we could not have made it into our site. It is beautiful with palms and shrubs and trimmed lawn but on an odd angle to the curving roadway. We dread repeating the process next Monday when we have to take the van north of the city to have the fridge repaired! There’s a cafe, mini golf, water park, two pools, spa, gym and it’s as neat as a pin. We’re not surprised that it’s renowned as the best park in the country. It’s a decent workout just walking to the loos in this park and thank goodness that they have footprints painted on the paths to show the way. Most of the sites have large slabs as well as manicured lawn and gardens between for a little privacy.

Cairns Coconut Resort a tropical garden

On our return to Coconut after having our fridge repaired, we ask for assistance to re park Priscilla. Even with two experts darting back and forth shouting “left hand down” it still takes 20 minutes to get her in. But we can’t complain as the sites are so pleasantly private.

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