Bramston Beach

It’s only a short 80km drive south of Cairns, Qld and exciting to turn off into cane farms. There are rich pastures of fat cattle and their accompanying egrets. As we drive into thick rain forest signs warn us to slow for resident Cassowaries (thus far we’ve only ever seen one in all our travels). The forest opens to reveal a sparkling gem.

There’s a motel, a general store and the caravan park. Our unpowered site backs onto the beach (that’s right, the beach) and it costs only $21 per night. From our kitchen window we have a stunning beach view north. After 8 days in Cairns Coconut Park where nobody seemed to speak, this park is relaxed and friendly. At sundown people are sitting on the beach drinking wine and when we fire up the BBQ folks wander over for a chat and tell us how much they love the place and how they keep extending their stay. One couple have come north to visit their son in Cairns but keep delaying leaving Bramston, it’s just too nice a spot.

The campers catch salmon, the surf crashes, the kookas laugh and the curlews scream. This is the sort of place where there is nothing to do and where you don’t want to do anything anyway. For beach lovers like us this place is heaven.

They just don’t want to leave Bramston Beach
Spacious shady lawns at Bramston Beach
Bramston Beach
Bramston Beach
Sunrise and a cup of coffee just behind our van

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