Are We There Yet?

I must apologise to regular non Australian readers as I failed to explain some of the local terminology in the last two posts, excited as I was about being in The Outback. Here’s a few explanations:

Yowah, an opal fossicking town in Western Queensland. The prize there being Yowah nuts, boulders with opal inside.

Donga, an accommodation room in a purpose-built shipping type container, usually three dongas to a container. Often used in mining camps, is it any wonder the occupants of these fly home every month, not to see their families but to experience a real bedroom.

Gidgee, a native tree Acacia Cambagei, with prized timber for carving.

Mulga, another native tree Acacia Aneura. Which looks particularly stunning against red soil.

Scrub, the bush eg. “He’s out in the scrub somewhere.”

Bush, out in the countryside, eg. He’s out in the bush somewhere.”

Outback, to define The Outback is difficult but it is usually when one is a long way out in the bush. To put it simply, you’ll know when you are there and you’ll also be in the scrub and in the bush. Eg. “He’s gone outback.” or “He’s in The Outback.” Wherever the hell he is you know that he’ll be gone a long while.

Confused? Don’t worry it’s a complex topic.

The bush, scrub, Outback. Whatever you want to call it, it is stunningly beautiful.

9 thoughts on “Are We There Yet?

  1. My goodness, that is ‘reet gradely!’ as we would say in Lancashire!

    I love your Oz turns of phrase. I had a really good giggle at a photo of our caravan squeeeezing into a Romanian campsite, described by an Australian friend as a ‘Honeymoon fit!’

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