Marvellous Innisfail

July 2018

Our coffee machine is on its last legs and as we head south we do a quick loop the loop in Innisfail to find a decent cup of coffee but instead we find a Chinese temple. We shouldn’t be surprised as this town is so multicultural, multi architectural and oh so brightly painted that even their sign writing has a style, or should I say flavour, all its own. To my mind this town of sugar and bananas should be voted Australia’s most colourful town.

Chinese Temple, Innisfail
Chinese Temple interior, Innisfail
Shopping precinct Innisfail, Qld

6 thoughts on “Marvellous Innisfail

  1. Innisfail is one of FNQ’s most beautiful towns, in both situation, on the two branches of the Johnston River, and in architecture. It’s a place I’ve spent a lot of time, and still visit often. Always pleased when soeone else gets to enjoy it as much as I do!


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