Call Signs & CB’s

After an earlier fracas when our GPS tried to send us up a steep, unmade mountain road with the van on the back, we ignore Gabbi Garmin’s navigation suggestion and travel to Warracknabeal via St Arnaud and Donald and take a route of our own choosing. On the way our mates the Prado’s thought that the van in front of them was ours. El Prado picked up the CB and called “Brown rice boy to ukulele lady?” An amused passing truckie came on the air and replied with “Oh that’s so cute!”

Early morning on the Hay Plains in NSW. It may be blurry but this is why we carry a radio. Sometimes these guys need a little more room to pass.

2 thoughts on “Call Signs & CB’s

  1. Yes – when you get on the single vehicle wide Development Roads up north, being able to hear oncoming wide loads before they come into sight, makes a huge difference in being able to find an adequate place to pull off.


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