Time Travel

Staying in Mulambin on Queensland’s Capricorn Coast, we lazily drive the one kilometre to Causeway Lake for their famous fish & chips. The lake is sparkling in the sun and people are fishing from tinnies and kayaks. It is busy with people having picnics or just strolling.

The old kiosk is a remnant from the ‘50’s, timber and fibro cement. Inside it is painted what I like to call Government Green, the colour of school walls in the fifties and the only things new are the drink fridges and the coffee machine, but I’m sure that someone else owns those. There’s an empty cigarette dispenser yellowing behind the counter. Power cords are suspended across the ceiling. Aluminium milk shake containers are stacked on a shelf. I wonder if they still serve malteds? The staff work with military precision to a time honed practice. The queue snakes out the door and down the wooden steps but this warm and busy Sunday is normal for these guys. They must really hit their straps at Christmas. I wait by the ice cream fridge while Woody holds a table on the lawn, by the lake. We’ve ordered mackerel and chips but I can’t help but eye the menu board I’m transported to my backpacker youth…Baked beans on toast, spaghetti on toast (canned of course) aah….

”Number 55!” Yes, I wave my ticket.

We eat in the sun watched by a dozen seagulls, one with a gammy leg (or is it just good acting). The chips are good, the fish is very large and tasty. Would we go back? No, too greasy for our delicate digestive systems these days, if only we were younger…

We walk it off on the Emu Park boardwalk.

20180722-DSC_0072 - Copy - Copy
Causeway Lake, Qld. It’s all about sun and sand, fishing and fun.

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