Ilfracombe Olympics

Every Winter the caravan park in Ilfracombe hosts the Ilfracombe Olympics. What? You haven’t heard of this prestigious event? If you’d wondered why so many caravans head to Western Queensland in the Winter time this is the reason. It’s got nothing to do with chasing the sun and everything to do with hot competition. And I’ll bet you thought that they were all going to see the Stockman’s Hall of Fame and the Qantas Founders museum in Longreach. No, it’s the Olympics that are drawing them back year after year and what a hoot it is.

June 2018

Happy Hour in the Ilfracombe caravan park is rowdy as prizes are given out to the golfers who competed in today’s event of the Ilfracombe Olympics. And how did they determine the winners? By drawing the team name out of a hat of course! Tomorrow they head off for the bowls tournament and everyone is so excited. We meet a couple from Narooma who have owned eleven country pubs and are now thankfully retired and travelling about the bush supporting other folks pubs. Everyone joins in for a few games and some side-splitting laughter.

HQ for the Ilfracombe Olympics. The Happy Hour Shed.
It takes a certain amount of athletic prowess to carry nuts and bolts with your bum cheeks then deposit them accurately into buckets without collapsing with laughter.

11 thoughts on “Ilfracombe Olympics

  1. I just LOVE these type of madcap events!
    We have more than our share in Blighty – The Bog Snorkelling and Flounder Tramping World Championships, Cheese Rolling and the World Conker Championships to name but a few.
    But none of these deserving competitions have ever made it on to the telly!
    Once again I am in awe of Oz!


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