Capel Sound

Oct 2018, Mornington Peninsula, Vic

There’s warmth in the air and a spring in every step. Melbourne has turned on one of those days when Port Phillip Bay is perfectly flat and a soft powdery blue. Families are drawn to the Peninsula to dust off the holiday house, mow the lawns or just wander along the sand dreaming of fish and chips.

Seagulls crowd onto a sandbar. A family with arms full of babies struggles with a new beach shelter. Fishing boats and jet skis buzz about as ships loom large at this wide bend in the channel. Dogs and children splash in the seemingly endless shallows.

It’s here! Summertime is here!

Paddling the shallows


Iconic boatshed

15 thoughts on “Capel Sound

  1. Thank you for the nice, friendly post and the warmth of the beautiful pictures. Up here in the land of blonde hair and blue ears, we are about to set foot into the snow. One nice thing it only lasts about 9 months then 3 months of tough sledding. I guess somebody has to live here. Those of us who have a lower IQ number evidently. Thanks again for your Great Blog.


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