Most people visit Clare for the wine

Mar 2018

We are up early to meet the auto electrician in nearby Clare. It’s a beautiful drive through rolling hills dotted with sheep chewing contentedly on wheat stubble and substantial stone farmhouses with wide verandas, though difficult for El and Elle Prado as they are closely following our van with its flickering tail lights. As we arrive in Clare, Elle has trouble getting us on the radio and our verbal instructions to her of “breaking now, turning right” are fractured and garbled.

We say goodbye to The Prado’s who are heading for home because they have yet another ship to catch, this time to Singapore. Our 7pin plug is re soldered and fixed within the hour and the Clare Caravan Park down the road is perfect for exploring the Clare Valley. Beside a dry creek and shaded by majestic white trunked gums I can see where the artist Hans Heysen got his inspiration in the early days. As I climb out of the car to start setting up the CB radio cable falls onto my foot. Is it any wonder that it was crackling, it had barely been making a connection!


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