Taking the circuitous route

Nov 2018, Western District, Vic

It’s hard to leave Port Campbell, not because of the lovely treed caravan park beside the creek and the bracing ocean walks, nor the nearby pub with warming meals but because Toothless Johnno has lost his car keys. We walk about the park with heads down resembling a bunch of scraggly emus while Toothless empties the Landcruiser of camping necessities. Eventually he finds them in the van having put them down to safely stow the TV for travel.

Our destination for tomorrow is Deep Lake near Derrinallum a mere 93 kms away and being low on supplies we decide to head to Warrnambool and a free camp at Hawkesdale first. One can quickly be side tracked by sightseeing and a visit to London Bridge is not to be missed. A large unpaved area outside the Warrnambool East shopping centre is perfect for parking the vans and a few others are magnetically attracted to join us while we stock up on necessities like wine and bourbon and lamb shanks for a planned camp oven cook up. We eat lunch in the busy car park and setoff again through a multitude of sheep farms to Hawkesdale trying in vain to obey the differing instructions from Tom Tom and our Gabbi Garmin.

Sometimes freedom camps aren’t what you expect or want so it’s always wise to have a Plan B. In this case both camps on offer don’t quite meet our expectations so it’s off again this time to Plan C, Deep Lake a day early. As we zig zag across the Western District on ever narrowing B and C category roads Toothless Johnno gets on the CB “Those sheep over there are looking at us. They’ve never seen a caravan before!”

Did we get to Deep Lake? Yes, we did and it only took us 203kms, not bad for what could have been a 93km drive.

Curious sheep
What’s that big white thing Ethel?

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