Mt Elephant

Nov 2018, Derrinallum, Vic

According to Wikipedia, Victoria’s Western Volcanic Plains are the third largest in the world and make up 10% of the state. There are over 400 volcanoes dotted across these plains, though these days most are little more than hills, like pimples on the landscape. There are a multitude of crater lakes and miles of drystone walls built from the basalt rocks of the volcanoes.

The sign on the Deep Lake toilet block says that nearby Mt Elephant is open to visitors on Sundays, so we pile into the car and head over there for a walk only to find that it isn’t open. Wot! This isn’t Sunday? Damn we’re too relaxed.

Footnote: These volcanic plains are the source of the fine basalt footpaths and buildings of Melbourne.

I wonder why the gate is closed?
Mt Elephant, Vic – you can see the scars of quarrying
Drystone walls, from a fast moving vehicle! I doubt that Woody understands my passion for drystone fencing.

10 thoughts on “Mt Elephant

  1. When we lived in Hamilton, used to go out and gather the wonderful scoria rocks for garden construction. Snakes love that country too – and the nooks and crannies in the stone walls!


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