Of midges and tides and lazing in the tropics

June 2018, Rollingstone, Qld

The midges are winning. I’ve tried Bushmans, The Locals, long clothes and Elle’s pungent mixture of baby oil and Dettol. Elle’s mixture is the only one that does a half decent job of warding off the damned midges. The good news is we’ve now learnt that they don’t pee under your skin, which is the common misconception, they spit under your skin! Just before they suck your blood out. Whoopee.

The mating habits of crabs and the lack of caravanners this year have us wondering. But the big issue is the tides. Every day at low tide Mick the manager shovels sand around the palm trees with a front-end loader, at high tide it all gets washed away again. The park is diminishing before our eyes. Did someone say Happy Hour?

Man against nature at Rollingstone, Qld
Racing against the tide, Rollingstone, Qld

3 thoughts on “Of midges and tides and lazing in the tropics

  1. You can add a few drops of citronella or ti tree oil to the baby oil/dettol mix. I agree it is the only thing that even vaguely deters the little s***s. Worst thing about them is that you often don’t know you’ve been attacked until later.


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