Gang Gang Cockatoos

Feb 2019, Skipworth Reserve, Jamieson, Vic

It’s always exciting to see an unusual bird and even better to get a chance to photograph them. I find Black Cockatoos elusive and always flying too high. Last year I had my first glimpse of a pair of Major Mitchell Cockatoos near Bourke, but it was only fleeting.

These cheeky guys however visited us on two nights to feast on what looked like a Hawthorn bush. They were near enough to distinguish their dark grey plumage and distinctive red heads but not close enough for a clear image.

Gang Gang Cockatoo


8 thoughts on “Gang Gang Cockatoos

      1. Tampon lens? That’s a newie on me 🙂 I’ve been using a little Panasonic Lumix with a nice long zoom which is very convenient for travelling but taking shots is nowhere near as satisfying as with a DSL.


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