Bad habits?

I copped a good hearted ribbing from Peter over at Peter’s Pondering the other day for not untying my shoelaces in my Wet Boots post.

I could almost hear my Mum turning in her grave…”I suppose you’ll be putting on shirts without undoing the buttons next!” Guilty, especially those shirts that gape and need to be restrained with a few stitches here and there. After all no one wants to see an old duck’s bra.

But I digress. The bane of caravanners is the need for shoes that can be slipped on quickly when leaping out the door backwards. Shoes that are soft and broad enough to slip into and with a firm yet flexible back is the answer. They also need to be strong enough to give support when hiking to that lookout that is further away than the sign suggests. I know it’s a big ask and the perfect shoes are hard to find. I recently picked up a pair of stretch lace shoes from Aldi that are ok for short walks but at $15 and with thin soles I doubt that they’ll last long.

My apologies too Peter, for not embedding a link to your site but I’m sure you’d understand if you could see where I’m sending this post from.

How about that, laces that can’t be undone!

12 thoughts on “Bad habits?

  1. Me neither! I don’t know if you can get Lands End stuff over there, but they make a perfect shoe, called Salwater shoes. They have elastic laces which don’t tie, and resist getting wet, while being both tough and comfortable

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  2. If I do not untie my shoes and boots an old Regimental Sergeant Major leaps out from over my shoulder and will not go away until I do as I’m told! There’s probably an app to tie and untie laces now!


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