Toora Bird Hide

Mar 2019, Toora, Vic

To the passing tourist there’s not much to see in tiny Toora apart from the wind farm up on the hill and the big old milk processing factory that is still in operation. But we take a short drive out beyond the footy ground and find that there is a boat ramp and a bird hide. A boardwalk keeps our feet dry and protects numerous colourful crabs that scurry in the mud and there tucked away in the ti tree is a hide with views of The Prom and Corner Inlet and a host of birds.

Corner Inlet and Wilson’s Promontory from Toora boardwalk
Swans a swimming at Toora Bird Hide

8 thoughts on “Toora Bird Hide

  1. Beautiful photos. Loved our visit to Wilsons Prom although it must be a bit of a mess now after all of the summer fires. Hopefully it’ll recover over the winter.


    1. I would have loved to go there this trip, but alas not to be. I always remember it for a weird corporate team building exercise that involved far too much walking and climbing and ended with wiring a dead kangaroo to the front bumper of a car. It did little for team building as most left soon after.

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