Mar 2019, Braidwood, NSW

Forecasted bad weather forces us to leave the Sapphire Coast and cross the Great Dividing Range on the Kings Highway out of Bateman’s Bay. After a short steep climb on a very good piece of road the landscape unfolds to become the Southern Tablelands, rolling hills, impressive sheep properties and rows of poplars and willows. One can understand why the early British settlers were excited to find this land.

Along the way we pass signs for a company called Canturf that give us a laugh and I curse for not getting a photo of one. How could you not laugh when you see “Put your trust in sod” proudly displayed in a paddock? Or “Putin the seed and it comes up Trumps”. If you’d like a laugh just Google ‘Canturf signs’.

Historic Braidwood (1839) is perfect for a walk. There are well preserved old buildings with dormer windows and rather upmarket shops. You know that they’re upmarket when you see pink Argyle diamonds in a window display.  Nope, this is not quite your average country town but for caravanners the parking is easy, the food is good and the coffee divine.

Braidwood, NSW
20190314-DSC_0040 crop
Braidwood Hotel, NSW

3 thoughts on “Braidwood

  1. Braidwood was used to shoot the Australian film “The Year My Voice Broke”. Growing up in Canberra, we used to head to the coast often and I always love stopping in as it still has the feel of yesteryear to it.


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