At least it’s not a red light!

Freedom camping is all about keeping devices charged. Phones and Kindles and iPads and the like must be charged whenever we have 240volt power. When we don’t have ‘town power’ we use an inverter to power up our devices via our van’s 12volt plug. We all have a variety of methods of charging things up and avoiding the dreaded flat battery.

When freedom camping the nights are dark, black as pitch. There’s no glow from the microwave clock to light the way to the bathroom and there’s no glimmer of a street light through a gap in the blinds when you’re camped beside a cow paddock.

Mar 2019, Whorouly, Vic

Once again, it’s warm enough to sit outside and enjoy the evening. We chat about this, that and the other, just languishing in pleasant company. Elle tells us that the green light on her 12volt charger is so bright at night that she has to hang her undies on it. Too much information Elle, too much information.

Someone else’s undies, not Elles!

5 thoughts on “At least it’s not a red light!

  1. I remember a time when we were freedom camping in our camper trailer. There was no moon that night and it was so dark I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t see the outline of trees, or even my hand in front of face, and consequently got claustrophobic. I made paul light a candle outside the window. I’m ok with pitch black now though.


    1. Ha, I’ll bet he was thrilled. We were all by ourselves in a Nat Park once and in my half sleep I imagined that an old woman was shuffling back and forth outside. There were a lot of roo tail marks in the dust next morning.

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