Bendigo a Golden Streetscape

May 2019, Bendigo, Vic

The grand city of Bendigo developed after the discovery of gold in Central Victoria in 1851. Today it is a bustling city of close to 100,000 people with sprawling developing suburbs, and evocative names like Kangaroo Flat and Eaglehawk are now home to the ‘golden arches’ rather than gold diggings. The handsome architecture is warm and welcoming even on a cold day. We never need an excuse to return to Bendigo.20190520-DSC_0282

Lovingly restored inner city homes
The buildings can’t talk but their records do
River Street – pubs, cafes, wine bars and the famous Bendigo Art Gallery
Alexandra Fountain, Bendigo


14 thoughts on “Bendigo a Golden Streetscape

  1. Another place we managed to get to on our visit, such an interesting town. So different to every other Aussie town we saw. Did the mine tour too which was great.


      1. Wasn’t it all designed by one German guy? Seem to remember reading that on a plaque in the main street somewhere.


  2. Love the fountain. We didn’t stop in Bendigo when we’re passing that way. Reading that it’s your favourite inland city, I think I may have missed out. Next time….. two years from now.


      1. Check out Fortuna Villa on google. Recommend you book in for one of the monthly high morning tea and tour. Brilliant for both food and history.


      2. Aha the tea and tour sounds fabulous. That was the old barracks wasn’t it? A few years ago a friend of a friend who is restoring an old bank showed us his collection of paraphernalia from the barracks when the government was moving out. It was quite incredible but he will give it all a new life.

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  3. Small home was built by miner Ballerstedt, bought by “father” of Bendigo gold mining, George Lansell, who made it into magnificent home for those parts. Passed out of family hands and was base for Survey and Mapping Corps from WW2 into this century. Bought by current owners 2013. They doing great job of restoration, repurposing. Your friend of friend is very fortunate to have some of the history of this incredible place.

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