The Heavenly Warmth of Diesel Heat

Last winter we had our coldest ever night on the road at Stanthorpe in Queensland. Which was probably our own fault for staying inland and a thousand metres above sea level in a town that is notorious for cold nights. But at least it prompted us to finally make the decision to fit a diesel heater in the van. We returned home had the heater fitted and like idiots set off into to foul, yes foul weather, with head colds. The diesel heater paid for itself that week, it gave us sensuous enveloping warmth without thinking about it. (Note to self: Pack the Cold Capsules)

Each month over the summer we turned it on for a few minutes to give it a run and in February turned it on to show a mate and zilch….zippo, nothing.

Last week the van had its annual service and the heater problem turned out to be a split hose. Heavenly warmth has returned and our service guy told us of a bloke who was so passionate about these little diesel heaters that he has installed several of them in his house.

Anywhere is warmer than Stanthorpe in winter

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