All that remains

May 2019, Bridgewater on Loddon, Vic

Beside the Loddon River at Bridgewater you’ll find what is left of an old well. This was the site of a Blacksmith business that serviced the needs of the area. The business operated until 1969 and the building was demolished in 1974. We often forget the importance of the ‘Smithy’ in the time before the motor car. The making of horseshoes, wagon wheels and of the hooks and latches and farming implements.  The bits and pieces, the rakes and hoes and shovels that were needed for both agriculture and life in general when a hard days’ work truly was hard yakka.

Now filled in, the Blacksmith’s Well where iron would be cooled after moulding.


12 thoughts on “All that remains

    1. Not long before my Dad died he told me about divining for water and sinking a bore. I was gobsmacked as he was always one for the modern ways but he was adamant that it had worked and they got good water. They had also had one of those domed wells by the house no doubt built by someone in the family who just knew how.


  1. Every town and village would have had a blacksmith in those days and I guess they were the hub of the community as they were so important. Completely died out now sadly.


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