Lounging in Lightning Ridge

July 2019, Lightning Ridge, NSW

Lounging around Lightning Ridge

Quite possibly the best attractions in town are the “Three pubs in the scrub” which is a drive out to the Grawin opal fields and its iconic pubs , the “Car Door tours” which entails following the trails of coloured car doors hanging from trees to see the sights of the town and the “Chambers of the Black Hand” a hand hewn underground art gallery like no other. Having got down and dirty noodling for opal and enjoying these tours on our previous visit this time we’re here just for a bit of relaxation and a look around.

It’s interesting to see signs on motel doors and houses declaring “Buying Now”. This means that there is a dealer in residence who is buying rough or polished opals.

Opal dealers open to buy, Lightning Ridge, NSW
Outback art in Lightning Ridge, NSW
A preserved miner’s cottage, Lightning Ridge, NSW. Note the use of corrugated iron and the hardy succulents.
I told you it’s a quirky town!

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