Follow the Sun, Day 9 – Ay?

Day 9, 22/7/2019 Monday, Palm Beach, clear 22

The traffic wakes us at around 5:00am by 6:00 we give up, get up and put the washing on.

The long range weather report on TV is for a week of sunny weather. To quote our optimistic Prime Minister “How good is this?”.  Woody takes the car for a tub to wash the dust off. The far end of this park is well away from the highway noise with shady creek front sites. I reckon that we should get the Dumb and Dumber award for not checking first for the location of our site, especially as the noise at Burleigh Heads park a few years ago nearly drove us to distraction.

Pano Tallebudgera 2
Tallebudgera Creek, Qld. See the vans on the right? They’re the sensible folk, nice view, no noise.

Woody waits patiently for the fridge mechanic while I dash out for a haircut (now that I’ve stopped coughing I can do a bit of maintenance). Passing the baton, I then wait for the mechanic while Woody shops. Eventually the fridge mechanic rings, he’s been held up by an accident on the Gold Coast Highway (yes, that highway) and will come tomorrow. A little too late we dash up to Burleigh Heads to replenish our coffee beans but the shop has closed. Burleigh’s looking good though.

Fishing at Tallebudgera Creek, they must have a hearing problem

A rather confusing day ends on a delightful note with a family dinner at Kampung Malay. The rellies must have known that we’d be craving an Asian meal.

Summary 0kms, power, water, toilets, showers, fridge on power. $48. Constant traffic noise.

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