Follow the Sun, Day 11 – Cooroy

Day 11, 24/7/2019 Wednesday Palm Beach to Cooroy, sunny 25

Yet another glorious morning, this sure beats winter in Melbourne. We want to get out of the traffic noise, but we must wait for the peak traffic to go through. The perfect Catch 22 situation.

It’s an easy run up the motorway and we wave to Brisbane city as we cross the Gateway Bridge. She’s a beautiful city but we’re not visiting with a caravan on the back.

We peel off the Bruce Highway at Yandina in search of …pineapple jam. Having eaten last year’s supplies we’re hoping that the Buderim Ginger Factory or Nutworks will have some of this childhood delight that we never see down south anymore. Instead we come out laden with crystallised ginger, chocolate coated ginger and chocolate coated macadamia nuts. OK, we’re weak.

Just up the road we set ourselves up at Cooroy RV Park a large grassy swathe only a few hundred metres from the village. The park is bordered by a block of small factories and our delicate ears have us driving in circles once more trying to find the quietest spot that we possibly can. We listen intently for the hiss of the gas when we light the fridge and pray that it stays alight.

This is a great little park for self-contained rigs. The caretaker tells us that the toilet block is closed but may reopen in the near future and they do have a dump point.

After lunch it’s an easy stroll the 300 metres into town, a meandering footpath all the way. There’s a fabulous general store and we are lured in to buy a brimming bagful of small lunch sized avocados. The town is vibrant and colourful and its pleasant having a coffee and just enjoying the vibe.

We spend an afternoon soaking up the warm sun, reading and dozing. We bbq the Red Emperor that we bought down in Tweed and are quickly chased inside by the chill when the sun sets.

“Can you hear the fridge?” “Yeah, it’s ok.”

and here’s Cooroy when we visited in 2017

 Summary 220kms, dump point, fridge? I think so. Accom $10, no noise.

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