Follow the Sun, Day 49 – Gorged Out

Day 49, 31/8/2019 Saturday Cania Gorge, overcast low 20’s

To make some room while making breakfast Woody puts the chook scraps out on the caravan drop down table. When we go outside to have a coffee there’s no sign of the bag just a bunch of cheeky currawongs and some fruit peel. Sorry chooks.

It wasn’t me!

We study the National Parks map and note that most of the walks seem to start at our park gate. Ok, we’ll do the Gorge View near Dragon’s Cave. It appears to be a short 2.5km, 1hour walk. It’s a warm morning and we wander along the cow pat strewn path. We pass the first turn off to Big Foot, yep we’re on the right route, then reach the car park. There are 3 options: Toilets, Fern Tree and Giants Chair & Complete Walk. As our walk isn’t listed anywhere we assume that it’s on the Complete Walk. After another 1.5kms we meet a bunch of confused seniors who are as worried as we are about the safety of the rocky and rapidly deteriorating path. With limbs still intact we turn back only to be overtaken by two young women who are retreating from a large leathery goanna who had blocked their path. By the time we get back to the ‘Toilet’ sign we’ve collected 2 more confused young blokes with a small child. We don’t feel so silly if all these young people are also lost. We’ve walked 2.5kms and we’ve only seen a dry riverbed and a couple of large barely interesting rocks.

Hmmm nice rocks
More rocks
Confusing signs and rocks, though we do see one kangaroo

Back at camp, another perusal of the map and a closer look at the entrance gate and the penny drops. The walk didn’t start at the entrance gate but at those bloody toilets!

So much for the walking pole!


  1. It wasn’t such a short walk.
  2. The park being drought stricken is probably at its worst.
  3. The walking pole really messed with my ‘pub squash’ shoulder.
  4. I wonder what happened to those “Oldies”?
  5. A read in the sun sounds like a better idea.
I guess we didn’t see the sign across the top of the park entrance, which is in fact code for –  ‘Toilets’.

Summary 0kms, power, water, toilets, showers, accom $34.20, stuffed!

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