Remember nudity when choosing a caravan

The layouts of most standard Australian caravans have the external door situated either between the bathroom and kitchen or bedroom and kitchen. Husbands have a bad habit of opening the caravan door when wives are naked. Let me explain. You’ve just jumped out of the shower and you decide to spread out a bit as the bathroom isn’t big enough to swing a cat let alone your aging boobs. You’re drying yourself, arms and legs akimbo half in the bathroom and half in front of the fridge, when hubby flings the door open as wide as it will go, sticks his head in and says “Darl, where’s the thingamajig kept?” Behind him are a bunch of his new-found mates all busting to see the new thingamajig that is the answer to a caravanning blokes’ prayers. And you say… “Shut the bloody door!”

Bedroom, bathroom, bathroom.

14 thoughts on “Remember nudity when choosing a caravan

  1. We’ve also been the embarrassed on lookers when a couple decided to get changed with only their fly screen door shut, would have been fine except their lights were on. Oops another one to be careful of.


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