Lakes Entrance

Nov 2019, Lakes Entrance, Vic

Lakes Entrance was originally called Cunninghame, before a permanent entrance was cut in 1889 to open the expansive Gippsland Lakes and river system to the ocean. In those early days a tree high on the hill at Kalimna was used as a lookout for shipping entering the channel. Today the town of Lakes Entrance, straddling a spit between Cunninghame Arm and North Arm has a population of approx. 5000 people. It is a water sports haven for tourists and home to a commercial fishing fleet.

Footnote: For those with a penchant for applying the ‘Sydharb’ method of measurement,  the Gippsland Lakes have an area of 354 sq.kms which equates to approx. 6.4 times the size of Sydney Harbour.

Lookout Tree, Kalimna, Vic
The entrance, Gippsland Lakes, Vic
Lakes Entrance Pano
The Gippsland Lakes from Kalimna, Vic
The town of Lakes Entrance, Vic


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