Snippets of Heyfield & the Railway Hotel

Nov 2019, Heyfield, Vic

The Railway Hotel is only a few blocks away from our camp, there’s a dog on the veranda and the timber cutting themed bistro is cool and welcoming. The ‘Seniors meals’ are huge and there’s no way that I could tackle a full-sized meal here*. And the meals are delicious, this is a pub that you wouldn’t hesitate to return to.

*Which leaves me wondering what happened to the woman who could easily plough through a three course meal? These days it seems that I battle to eat one course of a Senior’s meal!


4 thoughts on “Snippets of Heyfield & the Railway Hotel

    1. Possibly best measured by an order of fish & chips at our fav local pub. Instead of 3 fillets there is 2. And the houses, well, Woody keeps chastising me about photographing ‘people’s houses’ but I feel it’s the best way to understand how people really live in another country. There’s nothing worse than visiting another country and not having been able to visit someone’s house.


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