Sign Language

Kununurra – We were returning to our caravan park after a flight over The Bungle Bungles (Purnululu) and as the bus pulled into our park we were greeted by the sign:

Kununurra, Kimberleyland Caravan Park  “Dead Slow, we like our customers alive”.

From the back of the bus a younger passenger groaned “Caravan parks are full of Dad jokes”.

Yamba – In the northern NSW town of Yamba there is a wonderful road sign that I consider to be a ‘sign of the times’. “No Through Road Ignore Your GPS”.

Ballina – graffiti on the highway: Abbott is an idoit (Tony Abbott was Prime Minister at the time)

Byron Bay – road safety sign: Get your hand off it, don’t text and drive

Oxley, Vic – “Welcome to our magnificent NE Region, Leave your worries behind, Not your rubbish”

Rainbow Beach – On a rather brutish garbage Truck – “Three little words: eight wheel drive”

Bumper sticker on a Nissan Patrol near Dongara:

“Eatin’ up Cruisers

Shittin’ out Prados”

Exmouth sports store – “Game fishing is going fishing on your wife’s birthday.”

And this one says it all at Pardoo Station in WA, ah yes that’s us!

4 thoughts on “Sign Language

  1. Lived for over 20 years on a No Through Road. Seemed no GPS ever managed to get on top of that one. Needed your sign about ignoring the GPS. Ever watched a truck and articulated trailer attempt a 50 point turn?


    1. Sat in the cab in horror when the tow truck driver who picked up our broken down Jeep and van succeeded in doing a u turn on what I’d call a blind stretch of road. But yes those guys are amazing as they just gain an inch or two more each time.


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