Heaven’s, she’s gone screwy

Sep 2019, Mulambin, Qld

We’re happily camped in Mulambin on the Capricorn Coast having failed in our attempt to get to Darwin. For a second option this place is warm, relaxed and pretty good. There are a bunch of us here and even Toothless and his missus Madam Secretary have rocked up after having made it to Darwin and Broome. But Madam Secretary has gone totally screwy! She bought a hair clip in Broome which is essentially a pair of corkscrews, she loves it and keeps telling us what a good buy it was but it seems to rip out a lot of hair each time she tries to unscrew the thing. There’s no way I’m buying one of those I’d be bald in a week!

Looks great
…but try getting it out…
…it’s ok, she’s got plenty more hair!

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